How the free tours can be possible?

We are going to introduce the best of our city and country to travelers in the world. So, we are pleased to show you around even without charge. But if you like the tours, you can tip the guides in the tours. Tipping is not compulsory.

Do the FREE Tours include the entrance fees to the places of interest?

No, the travelers should pay the entrance costs to any places which charge entry. But most of the visiting places are free.

On which days do the tours take place?

We run the tours every day, in all weather and on all public holidays.

What are the walking tours about?

We try to walk to the original and historical parts of the city. Our tour guides take you to the places that travelers usually miss them.

What if I am late?

Please try to be punctual to respect the other travelers in the tour. But if you are late or missed the meeting point, you can contact us at (+98) 913 039 9198 .

Is it necessary to make reservation?

Please reserve the tour just by a call or en e-mail until 9 am for morning walking tours and 4:30 for the afternoon walking tours.

TEL: (+98) 913 039 9198


How long does a walk take?

The tours take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

Can I take my children on the walks? Is there an age limit?

It’s up to you. Your children of any ages are welcome.

What if it is raining?

Rain or shine, all our tours run as scheduled. But we try to do some route adjustment when it’s raining.

Is it possible to do two of your tours in one day?

Yes, you can make the best of your time when you use the tours.

Is there any discount for the tours around Kashan?

Yes. If you take the free tours or join the tours through our website, you will have an especial offer.

What are your other tours in Kashan?

We have different kinds of tours:

  1. Free walking tours
  2. Inside the city tour which covers historical houses, traditional Hammam, Fin garden, Sialk hills and Noushabad underground city.
  3. Abyane village
  4. Abyane and Natanz
  5. Maranjab desert and salt lake
  6. Maranjab desert, salt lake, and underground city

Are all the tours in a fixed time?

It depends. If you want to take a private tour, you can choose any time you like (free walking tour is an exception).

What languages are the walking tours offered in?

The free walking tours are offered in English, Arabic, and Persian. Other languages are also available as a private tour.

What are your other services for travelers?

  • Tours
  • Tasting the local foods that are hard to find in the restaurants
  • Booking the hotels in advance without extra charge
  • Booking the train and bus tickets for other cities
  • Transfer from your hotel to the airport in Tehran or from IKA to your hotel